you say,tear,and wrap it up when you want to cry

A beautiful woman, do not do, not little, only all, to love


Forget what hava done, what hava said,even who i am.But i always can be happy with myself,like the star in the sky.


Exchange everyday,everytime,everymoment,change all from my world!.

Set restar

Every Day is a new to start , hello my world ,hello happily life! Let us go to fight for dream


All the pain in your arms is not worth mentioning, all the sad in your comfort are quietly away

Moment i remember

In memory, the White House, the shallow brook, the world of flowers, the clouds floating in the sky, like cotton candy, seem to reach out to eat.Remember the happy in the hreat.

Moment i witness

I saw the sky when it rained, the rainbow behind the clouds was smiling. I heard that when winter left, the wind said that spring was coming, and I believed in hope, just like believing that there would be rainbows after rain.